Jeffrey Bio

Jeffrey Reynolds
Senior Director of R&D - Dermazone Solutions

 Jeff has supported many phases of drug product development including early phase pre-IND to phase I/II/II clinicals, and life cycle management and post approval support. He has worked with small, medium, and large companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, Coty, Tergus Pharma, and KIK Custom Products. He is co-inventor on three patents, a number of patents-pending. He has co-authored one article. Jeff is recognized as an expert in quality by design as it pertains to formulation development and manufacturing, which led to his being interviewed for an article on the topic. His professional experience includes research and development of many types of pharmaceutical dosage forms including, solid and semi-solid dosage forms across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas (dermatology, GI, CNS, URT). Jeff brings a broad base of practical knowledge and experience with close to 35 years of professional experience combined with a strong academic background, which enables him to drive for solutions in both the scientific and management arenas. He has a baccalaureate degree in chemistry and a masters of business administration. Jeff is a member of the AAPS, the SCC, and Delta Mu Delta as well as having served as an executive board member for the aerosol products division of the CSPA.