The Celazome Mission: Inspire Confidence

Celazome's patented skincare combines nanosphere technology and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients for dramatic improvement to the skin in just two weeks. We stand by every product with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can work and play confidently, knowing your skincare routine is covered.

Standards as high as your expectations

You can't make promises without holding yourself to high standards. At Celazome, we strive to lead the industry in purity, potency and penetration. We know that these standards combine for results like nothing else on the market.

  • Higher concentrations of active ingredients
  • Formulations driven by clinical studies that prove effectiveness
  • Pharmaceutical standards of quality and potency
  • Deeper penetration of botanicals and active ingredients

A history of effective therapeutic care

Our parent company, Dermazone Solutions, is an acknowledged leader in the field of nanotechnology, with patents on its all-natural nanosphere delivery system in over twenty countries worldwide. Our sunscreens and therapeutic lotions have been trusted by dermatologists, hospitals, and professional caregivers for over 18 years.

We focus on what matters

Our technology was originally developed to treat burn victims with longer-lasting salves for advanced healing. Now, we are just as committed to those results by adhering to these core tenets:

Research – Since 2001, we have completed research and product development in our on-site laboratories. We do not test on animals.

Testing – Clinically tested and guaranteed to meet pharmaceutical standards for quality, all our products are proven to remain stable and active for two years after the manufacture date.

Formulas – Delivering only the finest ingredients via our Lyphazome® natural nanospheres, Celazome products achieve astonishing results, visible in three weeks or less for most people.

Delivery – Lyphazome® natural nanospheres, only 1/50th the size of human skin cells, penetrate the epidermis, delivering ingredients deep into the skin, where they are most effective.

Concentration – Through Dermazone’s natural nanotechnology, at least 80% of bioactive and moisture-loaded reach their target, providing 75 times the concentration found in other encapsulation products.

Sustained Release – For long-lasting care, Lyphazome® natural nanospheres penetrate the skin, slowly releasing ingredients for continuous nurturing. Meanwhile, non-encapsulated ingredients immediately release bioactives on the skin’s surface, for instant results.