We focus on what matters

Our technology was originally developed to treat burn victims with longer-lasting salves for advanced healing. Now, we are just as committed to those results by adhering to these core tenets:

Research – Since 2001, we have completed research and product development in our on-site laboratories. We do not test on animals.

Testing – Clinically tested and guaranteed to meet pharmaceutical standards for quality, all our products are proven to remain stable and active for two years after the manufacture date.

Formulas – Delivering only the finest ingredients via our Lyphazome® natural nanospheres, Celazome products achieve astonishing results, visible in three weeks or less for most people.

Delivery – Lyphazome® natural nanospheres, only 1/50th the size of human skin cells, penetrate the epidermis, delivering ingredients deep into the skin, where they are most effective.

Concentration – Through Dermazone’s natural nanotechnology, at least 80% of bioactive and moisture-loaded reach their target, providing 75 times the concentration found in other encapsulation products.

Sustained Release – For long-lasting care, Lyphazome® natural nanospheres penetrate the skin, slowly releasing ingredients for continuous nurturing. Meanwhile, non-encapsulated ingredients immediately release bioactives on the skin’s surface, for instant results.