Hyssop Health™ Therapy


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  • Description
  • Ingredients
  • Size: 4 oz

    Hyssop Health Therapy is an all-natural remedy-like solution that helps to bring relief and recovery to an endless variety of symptoms associated with poor health.  Hyssop Health’s primary ingredient is origanum vulgare, a wild, mountain-grown oregano found exclusively in the Mediterranean.  Formulated to improve one's overall well being.  

    BioingredientsUSP Water, Origanum Vulgare Oil, Lyphazomes®

    Benefits: Gentle yet effective. All natural, paraben free. Time release activity for faster results. Suitable for all ages, adults and children alike.

    Usage: Spray onto cotton swab then gently into ear. Spray onto cotton swab and put into nostrils. Spray your gums. Spray hands several times during the day. Spray on feet. Spray your toothbrush.

    Hyssop Health Therapy will feel VERY WARM when sprayed directly onto the skin.

    Note: Do not use if you have allergies to Oregano oil

  • Ingredients
    USP Water, Alcohol (Ethanol), Origanum Vulgare Oil, Lecithin

Customer Reviews

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Love your product...use it every day!

Every day I find new reasons to use Hyssop personally and for my children and grandchildren. Last year my granddaughter was bitten by a spider. Her arm was swollen, antibiotics weren’t working. We put hyssop on sterile gauze on the bite and the swelling quickly went away and site of the bite completely healed. Thank you for this amazing product.

Great service and Great product

Ordering Hyssop online was very easy and I received the product in a timely manner. I use the Hyssop for cuts, acne, etc. I highly recommend your product.

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