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Amazing product. My husband introduced this to me several years ago, I get more than my fair share of sore throats and allergy issues. I smelled it and tried it and said no way, it's terrible. I continued to get sore throats over the years. Then one day I was just desperate to be healed of my sore throat. So I tried again and was amazed at the near immediate relief. I always get little throat issues in the am and I just spray this and immediately helps, and sometimes I feel that sore throat and cold sickness coming on, and I spray and gone. My son same issue, hated it, but tried in desperation and now he asks for the spray all the time. I am buying 2 bottles this time. This product is amazing. I tell everyone about it. Thank you for making this great product.
- Dana

Mills River, NC

I recently purchased the hyssop health therapy spray. I have been dealing with 5 wks of a severe sore throat daily. I had tried apple cider vinegar w/honey/water. It helped slightly but the soreness returned. 3 days ago, my hyssop was delivered. I sprayed my throat before bedtime & when I awoke I knew something was different and then realized my sore throat was GONE. I have since continued by spraying each morning and again in the evening. I feel Blessed from God and so happy to give this testimony. MJ
- MJ

I have already purchased this product and it is truly amazing. It has saved my life this winter! I work in an office with close working quarters and EVERYONE around me has had terrific colds and respiratory infections that last for weeks. Every time I felt I was getting sick, I used this and it kept me well!! This is truly, truly amazing and worth its weight in gold! I plan to order this again when my bottle becomes empty. I would not live without it. I would recommend this to EVERY household!! Thanks so much, Judy Keefer

- Judy Keefer

Lucille Mattair

Location:: Interlachen, Fl

Testimonial:: Every year, for many years, I have gotten a severe case of sinusitus..or sinus infections, to the point of going to the doctor and being on very strong antibiotics. I would even get a very sore throat from the infection. And, the antibiotics made me have digestive problems, which made me have to take probiotics. I started using this product, the Hyssop Health Therapy a little over a year ago. I have only squirted four sprays, once a day, under my tongue...but I have not had another sinus infection since using it! I, also, had a rash break out on the side of my face...I do not know what it was, but I started applying the spray and it cleared up in a few days. I am buying more today...would not be without it!

- Lucille Mattair

My Nephew has had psoriasis for years. Someone told me about the hyssop aerosol spray and I bought a can. I gave the can to my Nephew and told him to read the directions and be faithful about the use of it. Now about 4 months later, I asked him if the Psoriasis was working, and he told me the hyssop was working and the psoriasis was fading and disappearing. He will contunue using it.
Now I am ready to order it for my fungus underneath my toenails.
Linda Reynolds
- Linda H. Reynolds

Name: Chelsea Mazzella
I just wanted to write and Thank You for creating these products. I have been using the O-Plex treatment for over a month now, and it has completely changed my skin. I used to get big, cyst like blemishes on my skin that took over a week to heal and then a few weeks for the scar to fade. The embarrassment and self consciousness I felt got so bad that at times I didn't even want to leave my house. I felt paralyzed. The O-Plex treatment has 100% gotten rid of my skin problems. The very few pimples I get now are so tiny that they go away in a day and leave no scarring whatsoever. I feel like my skin has been revolutionized, and I finally have my confidence back. I have tried almost every other acne product out there, this is by far the best thing I have ever used. I cannot thank you enough. I will be a Celazome user for LIFE now. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

- Chelsea

My girlfriend told me about this new product that she discovered - Hyssop Health Therapy. She said that it was an antibacterial spray that cleared up her sons acne, and that he was so happy about it, he was spraying it everywhere. When a cold went through their house, he didn't get it! She realized that there was something special about this spray, so she gave me a bottle when I started to come down with a cold. I sprayed immediately, and it cleared up within a couple of days. Incredible!
- S. Hash, Wyoming

Hyssop Health Therapy is an amazing product. Not only does it work well on fighting bacteria in our skin, but I use it to disinfect all of our toothbrushes once a week. Hyssop Health Therapy is with our other medicines and we could not live without it.
- C. Helt, Indiana

I would say it was about the third time I used this light therapy that I noticed if I do one side of my face it does look more lifted than the other side! I now use it regularly and I feel like my skin is firmer and has a more radiant look. I seem to use it more when I feel stressed and tired, which is more and more these days.

- Veronica

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