Pamper the most delicate skin and defy the signs of aging with Celazome’s eye products.  Formulated especially to care for the fragile skin around the eye, these products are ideal for treating and reducing the fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging.  Our eye care products reverse these signs of aging, creating a more youthful appearance. 

These unique, luxurious blends feature incredible blends of bioactives, paired with Lyphazome nanospheres, for amazingly smooth and supple skin.  Lush formulas include ingredients like Vitamin C and botanicals, along with proven wrinkle-reducing peptides, to fight signs of aging naturally and gently. 

Lyphazome nanospheres provide deep-down nutrients, to hydrate, repair, and replenish skin’s natural structure as they stimulate skin’s natural regeneration.  Not only will fine lines and wrinkles disappear, but dark circles and puffiness will also vanish.  Skin will look revitalized and healthy.

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Eye Treat
Price: $82.00
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Eyelyph Serum
Price: $58.00
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