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November, 2009

I use four products - Daily Antioxidant Moisture Supplement, O-plex wash, toner, and control. My very favorite are the Moisurizing Sunscreen SPF 30 which I used on a cruise to South America and while my friends used their heavier sunscreens mine was light, felt very good on the skin and I could wear it under makeup and it did not change the color. I ended up letting them use it I was glad I brought a couple of bottles. My very favorite is Serum Vitae it leaves my face refreshed my skin loves it and it really helped after facial surgery to soothe and refresh my skin and I really think it helped the scars disappear quickly.---C. Lindsey Huntsville Alabama


September 2009

As a new customer to Celazome Online but a dedicated long-time consumer through my dermatologist, I can not state enough the customer service and care provided by Carolyn Veroni and the catalog team. If you are using Celazome products or considering, you can't loose in ordering through Celazome!

Judith A. Rice, President/CEO


September, 2009 

HI Carolyn,

I wanted to thank you for the Serum Vitae. As someone with Roseacea I thought beautiful skin was out of the question. Through the use of your product I have found a nourishing, lightweight and effective product that has improved my skin tone. Thank you so much

Dana H.


March,  2009

I have had 3 Squamous cell cancers removed from my face, and with the last one the Dr. had me use the Efudex treatment for 6 weeks to penetrate the layers of skin to kill the roots of the cancer. In no time it became extremely sore and oozed blood. After I finished the 6 weeks the area involved was in bad shape so he gave me a cream to help heal it, but it wasn't working that well so I decided to try the Celazome Restorative Treatment Cream, and right away it took the burning feeling and the soreness out.

I have used this cream for a number of years and would never give it up. Anyone with my skin problems should also use the Sun Block # 29.

Marilyn Larkin, Florida
My neighbor gave me a sample of your Penetrating Body Lotion Moisturizer. She was aware of my skin disease, psoriasis, which is very irritating and itchy. It also causes a severe problem of flaky skin. I have used many creams without any noticeable results. After using your product for four or five days, there was a drastic reduction of excess skin cells falling off. After a week of continuous use the lesions were starting to turn to smooth skin. This is one of the best products, including prescription drugs, that I have used. There is an undeniable difference after continuous use.

People with psoriasis are looking for anything that reduces the "flakies" and itching. I am also writing a letter to Psoriasis Advance, a magazine from the National Psoriasis Foundation, which has a column called "It Works For Me." I will tell them about your product and the results I have had. I think this should be marketed to dermatologists and doctors for the symptoms of psoriasis and itching related to it.

Thank you,

Hans R. Knight, Florida

Today, Paula reported that a 15 month old with severe eczema on his head received application of Dermazone's Penetrating Body Lotion. His grandmom wanted to try it, but the mother expected nothing to change as she had used items through her doctor, which had only corralled the blistering skin symptoms. To say the least, this had caused suffering all day long. Good news: In one day after application of the Penetrating Moisturizing Body Lotion, the eczema was completely gone.

In addition... Tonya reported the story of her ten year old son's relief from lifelong suffering of severe allergies and rashes (eczema?) that had kept him from sleeping through the night since he was born. Tonya reported that he had been covered with what looked like a bad case of poison ivy. His allergies made any application of lotion a very threatening issue, as one wrong product would ensure a costly treatment of a steroid cream to stop the reaction. After attending the April meetings, she went home to spot test our lotion on Monday. By Friday four days later, she had a new boy in their home! He was sleeping through the night and, of course, had beautiful skin and a smiling face to go with it!

Sending a smile,

Victoria Zunis, Texas

September 22, 2004

To whom it may concern:

Tropical Seas, Inc. has been a contract filler for over fifteen years and I have personally been in the industry over 22 years. For the past eight months Tropical Seas, Inc. has been involved with contract filling for Dermazone Solutions and will serve as a reference to the fact that Dermazone is very particular with regards to their product's integrity and handling.

Dermazone has very high standards for each raw material utilized in the manufacturing of their product with respect to the potency and quality. We have specifically noted the quality and quantity of actives in their products compared to others in the market. Dermazone also requires that certain raw materials are hermetically stored to ensure 100% potency.

In addition, each batch of bulk product must pass Dermazone's quality assurance testing prior to being packaged. I am confident that Dermazone's products will far exceed any of your client's performance expectations.

It would be a pleasure to serve as a good reference for Dermazone. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.


Daniel W. Knoor, President - C.E.O. of Tropical Seas, Inc.

I was burnt in a house fire, and like all burn survivors, I was left with dry, cracked skin and an itch that made my life miserable. I tried every lotion on the market, from the most expensive, to the cheap ones. I had to apply these lotions about 15 times a day, just to keep from going crazy from the itch. Someone told me about your lotion and I ordered some. Dermazone has changed my life. I couldn’t believe the difference when I put your lotion on. It finally drenched my skin and made it moist and soft. I felt relief from the itch and dryness. I now apply it in the morning and am now set for the day. After an application at night, I can sleep without itching. My quality of life changed because of your lotion. Thanks aren’t enough to say for how great it has helped.

Winfield L. VerDow, Illinois

Dear Deborah,

Dermazone products are the best I have ever used for dry skin. They absorb into the skin and do not seem to wash off as easily as many of the other products I have used. I wash my hands on an average of 20 times daily, and since I have been using the Dermazone moisturizing lotion, my hands no longer crack and peel. I have given samples of Lyphazome to many of my patients, and always have had positive feedback. Chemotherapy and radiation often leave skin dry and sometimes peeling. I have had glowing reports from several of the chemotherapy patients. I have given samples of sunblock to patients receiving drugs that are photosensitivity-causing agents, instructing them to apply after showering while the skin was still damp. Not one has reported sunburn, but several have boasted on the quality of their skin after using daily.

Although I cannot speak for the corporation I am employed by, I can relate all the positive reports from patients, patient’s families and other nurses. Thank you so much for allowing me to provide samples to patients, nurses and staff. I would also like to include my own opinion of this wonderful product line. We carry it now in our outpatient pharmacy and our boutique. I will continue to purchase long after samples are gone.

Terri Jones, RN, OCN, CC RN, Oklahoma

To Whom It May Concern:

I use a product called Penetrating Moisturizing Cream on my little boy who was burned and now has skin graphs. This cream does very well at stopping the itch on him. It has been two years now and he still has more skin graphs to go, and I will continue to use this cream. I first got this from the hospital he was at, which was University Hospital in Syracuse, New York. The doctor who gave it to us was Dr. Henry Schiller in the Clark Burn Unit. I am very happy with the results of this product.


Mrs. Lynn Brewer, New York

Dear Tiffany:

I love your products. I use the Penetrating Moisturizing Body Lotion and Cream every day and I no longer get cracks and split skin around my fingers and on my hands. In addition, I use your Penetrating Cream on my feet so I no longer get cracked or split skin on my toes and heels. This is the first time I have been able to stop the cracked and split skin condition that I have lived with for many years. Now, I no longer have to pt up with the pain and discomfort of dry, cracked and itchy skin. I put the jar of cream next to the skin so I don’t forget to apply it each time I wash my hands.

Thank you.


Rosalie Richman, New Jersey

Dear Holly,

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with your product. Being a diabetic I needed a moisturizing cream for my feet. After nine months of using it, my feet feel better and look better. Keep up the good work and continue success in this wonderful product.

Very truly,

Frank Bruno, Florida

Dear Sir:

Your product, a moisturizing sunscreen, was recommended to me from the Dermatology Dept. of Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA. We purchased this through the hospital.

It has been a very effective product s my husband is very allergic to most products. Would you please let me know if you sell direct or have a supplier in the North Georgia area. I have tried to reach you by telephone but could not find your number, and the hospital is out of it.

Thank you.

Diane Dixon

Dear Dermazone,

I am a person who is extremely allergic and chemically sensitive. I can’t use any sunscreens except I can use your sunscreen. How ever did they make this sunscreen is brilliant. It feels great on my skin and just does a great job. I love it. Now I can protect my skin without burning watering eyes, and itching skin, and breakouts. Keep up the excellent job. I hope more people with my type of problems will find out about your company.


Denise Hamilton

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been using your SPF 30 Sunscreen this summer. I am pleased to tell you it is the best product I have ever used for skin protection when I am in the sun for hours gardening or on the golf course.

I am recommending it to my friends and patients.


Roderick L. Fuller, D.P.M.

Dear folks,

I just found your product about three weeks ago when I picked up a sample at my dermatologist’s office. I have hyper pigmentation on my upper lip and must keep a strong sunscreen on at all times. However, the other sunscreens I have tried, including Pre Sun, require constant re-application and they make my eyes sting so badly that I don’t apply it as much as I need it.

When I mentioned these problems to the medical aesthetician at my dermatologist’s office, she recommended your sunscreen. I tried it that first day and I just love it. It actually stays on my face and I don’t have to reapply sunscreen all the time, even on my problem areas. It is also the only sunscreen I have tried that doesn’t sting my eyes at all! This means I can apply sunscreen to the delicate areas under my eyes and I don’t have to worry about them stinging for the next hour!

Thanks so much for inventing your sunscreen. I am so spoiled by this product that never want to use another sunscreen on my face!


Roberta Vanderslice

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked in the burn field for over 23 years. As you know, burn victims, as well as caregivers, have searched for the "magical" lotion that will restore suppleness and control dry, itchy skin. The Clark Burn Center at University Hospital in Syracuse, New York, has used many products with fair to good results. It wasn’t until we evaluated a burn patient for reconstructive surgery who had been treated in Washington, DC, that I noticed his scars were free of dry, flaky skin and there was a suppleness to his skin I have never seen in a burn patient. When I inquired as to what product he used, he informed me that it was Dermazone's Penetrating Body Lotion.

Since that time, I have tried this product on a few of our patients and asked patient to trial this product along with the other lotions they were currently using. Not to my surprise, the patients now order the the Penetrating Body Lotion.

I am currently requesting our Product Committee at University Hospital to consider ordering and stocking Lyphazome for our Burn Center. I very much appreciate the direction that your representative, Janie Snead, has given me to undertake this task.


William Myers, RNP - The Clark Burn Center

I have been using Dermazone's Penetrating Body moisturizer for years. This is truly the only product I have found that keeps my skin soft. While in our office, our doctors promote Dermazone's Penetrating Body Lotion for their patient’s feet. I tell them it’s wonderful for their entire body. You know the results are excellent when they come back to buy more.

Lisa Goodman, Florida

We have been ordering your SPF 30 for several years now and have been extremely happy. Not one person in all that time has come back to say they did not like it. Thank you Dermazone.

Rosanne Trabucco, Office Manager for Dr. John S. Bruno, M.D. (Plastic Surgeon), Florida

March 2, 2001

My hands have been very dry and chapped all winter. I put on the Penetrating Body Lotion before bedtime, and my hands are visibly improved when I wake up.

F. Tain, Testimonial

June 26, 2002

I’ve always hated the greasy feeling of sunscreens. This one really is greaseless.

Kathy, Testimonial

May 26, 2002

At SPF Labs we test many sunscreens. Dermazone Solutions’ Max SPF 29 is one of the best we have ever tested! It provides 10 times the protection level required for UVA protection claims in Australia, where over half the population has skin cancer!

SPF Consulting Labs, Inc., Florida

June 26, 2003

Dermazone's Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30 is the best sunscreen we have ever used! It works great on the kids, they love it. It goes on easy and protects all day, ever after getting wet.

Gordon E.R. Troy, PC, Vermont

December 24, 2003

I LOVE THE LOTION!! I can TRUTHFULLY AND FACTUALLY say that I have NEVER used ANY lotion in the last 35 years of having psoriasis that helped as much with the itching, flaking and burning of the lesions….NEVER! AND…I love how it makes my face feel and glow. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I’m very eager to see how my skin (particularly where lesions have been) responds as I continue to use it for longer periods. I am SOOO impressed with this product. I’ve been so busy and trying to catch up from my week’s trip, that I really didn’t fully and slowly read the printed info you sent with it… just kind of spot read. I plan on keeping stocked up on the lotion.

Patricia P.

January 4, 2004

After a number of earlier years baking in the tanning bed, the skin on the front of my legs has shown the damage; flaking and scaling (what I called “alligator skin”). I had used a number of creams/lotions over the years and just thought that I would live with that rectangular scally cell look for the rest of my life. BUT… in less than two weeks, the flaking and brown squares are GONE. Last night, I stared in wonderment at the skin on the front of my legs. They look youthful after less than two weeks of FAITHFULL applications a.m. and p.m.. I am very thankful that the alligator has left the building…alligator skin no more!

Victoria Zunis, Texas