Protect and maintain a beautiful complexion with everyday defense against sun damage.  Optimized for all skin types, Celazome’s sun-care formulas counteract the effects of damage by free radicals and the sun.  Every product also reverses and repairs the damage caused by former exposure, making it an indispensable step in any anti-aging regimen. 

Water-Resistant (80 Minutes) , these sun care products provide a long-lasting barrier for skin.  They block a broad spectrum of UV rays, leaving skin impervious to sun damage.  Non-comedogenic, PABA-free, and fragrance-free formulas mean that these sun-care products are ideal for even the most sensitive skin. 

Every hydrating formula incorporates a unique blend of key bioactives, encapsulated in Lyphazomes, to ensure that every nutrient penetrates skin deep down.  These natural ingredients repair impurities and stimulate cellular regeneration. Celazome Sun Care products leave healthy, beautiful skin all over.

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