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Pharmaceutical Standards

Celazome maintains the purity of its products by producing at a drug - quality standard, not because we have to, but because we choose to.

Producing a cosmeceutical at  the regulated requirements of a drug standard not only demands that our employees are following the strictest guidelines but  that our manufacturing process includes the following:

  • Research and development process of 6 months to 2 years
  • *USP ingredient choice
  • Microbial testing on all ingredients
  • Microbial testing on all products
  • Climate controlled warehousing
  • Pharmaceutical engineered tanks
  • *USP water
  • Production validation performed
  • Quality Control testing on all products
  • Quarantine area
  •  Long-term testing for up to 5 years on products

* United States Pharmacopeia

“At Celazome, the first ingredient in every product is integrity.”  - Deborah Duffey