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dermaCM Nanotechnology

The NLP Delivery System

Dermazone’s patented nano-lipidic particles (NLP’s) represent the next generation of nanosphere technology. Particles measure between five and 280 nanometers, so nanosperes are small enough to penetrate the skin easily, yet large enough not to be counterproductively absorbed by the body. Their size is optimum for this second-generation particle system, and consistent enough to ensure uniform distribution of active ingredients.

Formulated from completely natural materials, NLP’s provide an effective delivery system for a wide variety of passenger molecules. The soy phospholipids in Dermazone’s NLP’s eliminate the shortcomings of similar products, and provide an unprecedented 80 percent delivery rate. These products can be designed for time-release effective ingredients, creating a sort of reservoir within the stratum granulosum. There, they remain poised to penetrate into the skin as needed over time.

The flexibility of the NLP design allows for either in situ or pre-load encapsulation, based on each client’s needs and objectives.

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