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Lyphazome Nanotechnology

Our patented Lyphazome system revolutionizes skin care, nourishing skin not only on its surface, but also in the deepest layers of the epidermis. Also known as nanospheres, the Solvent Dilution Microcarriers (SDMC’s) in Lyphazome continuously deliver nutrients to the skin over time, sustaining a supply of bioactives, actives, and moisturizers for up to eight hours.

Lyphazome Nanotechnology evolved from research on treatments for burn victims, who needed continuous release of healing ingredients to the inner layers of the epidermis. Since then, this nanosphere technology has been adapted and perfected to carry a wide variety of ingredients. At only 125 to 150 nanometers in size, our nanospheres are 1/50th the size of a human skin cell, the optimum size for penetration, without counterproductive absorption.

While traditional skin care addresses only the surface, Lyphazome improves skin at every layer. Roughly 80 percent of Lyphazome’s ingredients penetrate deeply, repairing skin from the inside out. Lyphazome creates a matrix with skin, to repair and strengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier. The result is dramatic improvement in skin’s health and appearance: most users see visible results in less than three weeks.

Illustration of how Lyphazome® Nanospheres Work Within the Skin

Actual photo of skin biopsy with rhodimine-filled Lyphazome® nanosphere. Shows penetration and location in stratum corneum.

Illustration of a Lyphazome® Nanosphere
Numerous hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients encapsulated simultaneously.

Phospholipid chain creates the structure of the nanosphere
Hydrophilic (water-loving) bioactive/active ingredients
Lipophilic (oil-loving) bioactive/active ingredients

Phospholipid chains breaking apart
Hydrophilic ingredients slowly releasing
Lipophilic ingredients slowly releasing